Areas of Practice:
State and Federal Litigation
Criminal Defense
Civil Litigation
Family & Probate

Launie & Marino, P.A. established in 1999, is a law firm located in Westwood Massachusetts that brings talent, experience, energy and creativity to solving problems that confront its clients.  Robert N. Launie, with thirty years of experience, Paul V. Marino with twenty years of experience and the staff at Launie and Marino, P.A. are dedicated to providing personal service to clients and understanding their unique needs in various areas, including but not limited to State and Federal Litigation, Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, Business Purchases, Sales and Strategies and Family and Probate matters. In the practice area of criminal defense, Launie & Marino, P.A. has successfully resolved cases for individuals accused of various criminal offense(s) ranging from simple assault and battery, OUI and drug possession to trafficking in narcotics and murder.  Launie & Marino, P.A. has handled criminal matters in Connecticut, Florida, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont. In the practice area of Civil Litigation and Business Strategies, Launie & Marino, P.A. has successfully counseled clients in the purchasing and sales of multiple businesses, resolved disputed business litigation and represented clients in both civil prosecution and defense.  Launie & Marino, P.A. has also successfully resolved complex probate litigation issues for our clients throughout the counties of Massachusetts.  Clients of Launie & Marino, P.A. receive the utmost personal attention from our attorneys. We take great pride in the accessibility of our attorneys and in our personal and dedicated approach to the services we provide.


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